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Editing OpenStreetMap with your own aerial maps

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It's easy to add your MapKnitter exported map as a background layer when editing OpenStreetMap. This wiki page explains how to connect to Potlatch 2 and iD editor. This slide show from State of the Map US 2013 may help illustrates these workflows: There is also a case study of an earlier method at the bottom of this wiki page.


Potlatch 2

With help from Andreas Trawoeger from the OSM-talk list, we set up a "deep link" underneath the Export formats area, so you can open your map directly in OpenStreetMap's Potlatch 2 editor by clicking "Use your map to contribute to OpenStreetMap in Potlatch":

Note: this is only available for maps which have been released under open licenses, such as CC-BY or public domain.

iD Editor

In, there is a "deep link" underneath the Export formats area so you can click "Use your map to contribute to OpenStreetMap in iD". This will open the iD editor hosted on

Manual method for adding a TMS layer on you can click the Edit tab, choose the iD editor, then click the background tab to add a custom layer. The URL you paste in will be formatted like this:{z}/{x}/{y}.png



Old technique (no longer necessary)

In this example I'm using a map of Mestia, a city in the Svaneti region of Georgia.

First, open the "backgrounds" menu and choose "Add":

Adding MapKnitter balloon map in Potlatch 2

Then, add a new background layer, using your map's "OSM-style TMS" link, with added z,x,y like this:$z/$x/$y.png

Where "mestia" is your map's name. See screenshot:

Adding MapKnitter TMS to Potlatch 2

You can turn off "dimming" to see the map more clearly:

Using MapKnitter balloon map in Potlatch 2

Zoom in and see how well your balloon map fits existing data. Then trace to add more features:

Using MapKnitter balloon map in Potlatch 2

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