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Citizen CyberScience

  • Sara, Shannon
  • thermal flashlight workshop
  • also Leif and Joe are going with Pachube, compatible workshops.


State of the Map

  • OpenStreetMap's conference:
  • Denver, September 9th – 11th, 2011 (10-11 are our days)
  • Talk, 30m or 20m, Sunday the 11th
  • $75 for sat/sun, who wants to go?

Patagonia- Tools for Grassroots Activists

  • September 14-18, Stanford Sierra Camp
  • Shannon

APHA- American Public Health Association Annual Meeting

4S - Society for the Social Study of Science

  • Website
  • November 2-5, Cleveland
  • Shannon, Sara, Jeff

AAA - American Anthropological Association annual meeting

SXSW- South by Southwest

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