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cheap slitless digital camera spectroscope with cellular

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This simple mod allows the slide to be mounted to most cell phones, turning them into digital spectrometers.

Step 1 : Salvage springs from an old floppy disk You need four floppy disk ( 3"1/2).

Step 2 : Modify springs With a pince, modify springs to get arms parallel. Do it for each spring

Step 3 : Use an old photo slide Open it

Step 4 : Soldering springs with a candle ( or something else ) turn springs very hot ( red ), and quickly solder it on the slide.

put glue on each spring ( and in all corners ).

Step 5 : put the second side on close the slide with the other part. Press it for 3 seconds.

Step 6 : Rubber Band take an old mouse pad and cut four parts ( 1cm x 4.5cm )

Step 7 : Glue rubber put one rubber part under spring. put glue. put the second part on it and press hardly for 5 seconds.

do it again.

Step 8 : Finish !!! Not really , just one more step

Step 9 : Diffraction grating slide put a diffraction grating slide in front of it ( glue or other ).

Now you get a very cheap and wonderfull Pocket spectrometer useable on a lot of model of cellular and sone digital camera

a more complete how-to (in French but with a lot of picture) Your text to link...