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Bamboo/tyvek kite and solar balloon construction workshop

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Workshop and flights, Sunday July 1, 2012, 11am-5pm

Build leader training, Saturday, June 30 1pm-5pm

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-- Join Kite Designers Mathew Lippincott and Leo Famulari in a rare NYC appearance -- -- A program of the 2012 iLAB Higher E+D Fellowship --
Workshop Goal: to cure your helium addiction by showing you how to construct kites and solar balloons. Note: Those attending Saturday will be trained to lead a kite or balloon building group on Sunday.

Location: 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn @ Broadway Triangle. Directions: Once at 630 Flushing, walk to Thompkins Ave and enter the parking lot behind the Pfizer building. The main entrance has a small overhang and bicycle parking. There is also car parking. We will be on the loading dock.

Description: Join Public Laboratory members Mat Lippincott, an extraordinary floating and flying object sculptor visiting from Portland, Oregon, and Leo Famulari, an extraordinary kite designer visiting from Philadelphia, for a hands-on workshop on design principles and construction of Solar Balloons and Bamboo Kites. These can be used for taking aerial images and other aerial data gathering, or for your pure enjoyment.

We will focus on building a series of kites for low-wind kite trains (many kites on the same string), comparing the performance of same designs in different materials- wooden dowels, bamboo, Tyvek, and PE sheeting. Rapid tape and glue construction will be taught, along with some kite background and future research directions.

For solar balloons we will compare two different balloon shapes for aerodynamic stability, and demonstrate construction through heat welding.

This workshop is also part of iLAB—an interdisciplinary collaborative project between PLOTS staff member Liz Barry and two dance artists: Jess Einhorn and Lailye Weidman. They will share a bit about their research on Sunday.

You can either take your kite or solar balloon home, or add it to the PLOTS NYC lending library (including the floating gallery project, part of the 2012 iLAB Higher E+D fellowship).

Please bring your own lunch -- we will provide snacks!

Please forward this link or the attached one page PDF. For questions, please email or call 336-269-1539. Hope to see you there or in the air :)

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Sponsorship: Location sponsorship provided by Acumen Capital Partners LLC Materials sponsorship provided in part by LANXESS