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all staff call 7 19 2011 collaborations

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reminder to review TofA- Shan - review by wednesday--read through to end before commenting

CI partnership

  • Shan 100K USAid for santiago, etc? supporting on grant deadline but need us to agree mapping slum--they are working with NGOs that have been working in those settlements for a long time-Jeff his sense is that unlikely to be a problem are they a PLOTS location? ethical mapping guidelines? have public conversation on list? do they send any money back to PLOTS mothership?

UNICEF updates

  • Liz--UNICEF Map Kibera project--communities did generate maps, but governments put a stop to projects--these training trainers projects are an attempt to create interface between community mapping and government. There is a future youth workshop (125 participants) that will be in 5 slums--3 passified meaning currently occupied by PPU - pacifying police units police that have kicked out drug lords and now occupy the slums. By mapping these communities for government:

Stewart - Need a public laboratory model for how we engage internationally where we are remote: what control do we have, do we expect, do we already not have?

Jeff - build strong community standards and awareness through public discussions.

Sara - suggest ethics tab on website

Shannon - Terms and Agreement why didn’t we push our formal process here in the same way we did in Togo.

Jeff - Isreal experience

Shannon we need to have a major institutions process

Sara-- do we want to be working with UNICEF and WB as an organizational focus?

Jeff - we want to forward with this process?

Liz - this will take a lot of time and energy - but don’t want to break relationship - feelings are mixed -

Shannon - also concerned about breaking relationships

Sara - do we view these as tests Togo,

Jeff - if we continue with this make community occupation subject of conversations

Liz - there is half of the first day to history/culture of mapping

stewart- this is a good conversation. i am wondering how we can get straight to the boots on the ground stuff right away more often? Seems like most of the time areas of need will not be approaching us for help

For Joe he is trying to go out on a limb, UNICEF normally has a bidding process by which 4 groups submit proposals for the same work,-- he has skipped this. We do need to develop a clarifying document.

Budget 250 k original - one of first communications now 50 k has gone to Rio 30 k from Joe is now going

PNCA workshop

  • sara can't -- stewart perhaps and maybe adam