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2013 organizer call schedule and moderators

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This is the call (times are PM) and moderation schedule for Thursday organizers calls:

4/24/14: 12:30PM EST (lunch call)

4/17/14: 7:00PM EST (evening call)

4/10/14: 12:30PM EST (lunch call)

4/3/14: 7:00PM EST (evening call)

3/27/14: 12:30PM EST (lunch call)

2013 call schedule archive__________________________

1/3/13: 7:20EST, Shannon moderate

1/10/13: 12:30EST, Becki moderate

1/17/13: 7:20EST, Stewart moderate

1/24/13: 12:30EST, Mathew moderate

1/31/13: 7:20EST, Jeff moderate

2/7/13: 12:30EST, Liz moderate

2/14/13: 12:30EST, Shannon moderate

2/21/13: 7:20EST, Stewart moderate

2/28/13: 12:30EST, Becki moderate

3/7/13: 7:00EST, Mathew moderate

3/14/13: 12:30EST, Jeff moderate

3/21/13: 7:00EST, Liz moderate

3/28/13: 12:30EST, Stewart moderate

4/4/13: 7:00EST, Becki mdoerate

4/11/13: cancelled, staff meeting

4/18/13: 7:00EST, Mathew moderate

4/25/13: 12:30EST, Shannon moderate

5/2/13: 7:00EST, Jeff moderate

5/9/13: 12:30EST, Liz moderate

5/16/13: 7:00EST, Stewart moderate

5/23/13: 12:30EST, Becki moderate

2012 call schedule archive__________________________

9/13/12: 12:20EST, Mathew moderate

9/20/12: 7:20EST, Jeff moderate

9/27/12: 12:20EST, Liz moderate

10/4/12: 7:20EST, Shannon moderate

10/11/12: 12:20EST, Stewart moderate

10/18/12: 7:20EST, Mathew moderate

10/25/12: 12:20EST, Jeff moderate

11/1/12: cancelled unless non-staff want to organize a call (staff meeting/barn raising in Louisiana)

11/8/12: 7:20EST, Liz moderate

11/15/12: 12:20EST, Stewart moderate

11/22/12: cancelled, Turkey Day in the U.S.

11/29/12: 7:20EST, Shannon moderate

12/6/12: 12:30EST, Mathew moderate

12/13/12: 7:20EST, Jeff moderate

12/20/12: 12:30EST, Liz moderate

12/27/12: the staff have this week off, but if folks want to do a call, Shannon will moderate at 7:20EST

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