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Spectrometer design 3d printer box

by sebastian04 New Contributor about 2 years ago | 0 | 918 | 1

<i class="fa...

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A more compact spectrometer

by cristoforetti over 2 years ago | 12 | 1,789 | 1

For the WebValley 2016 Summer School (https://webvalley.fbk.eu), together with the other tutor...

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Tweaks to foldable mini-spectrometer design

by warren over 2 years ago | 5 | 2,771 | 3

A few months ago, I taught a papercraft class at Parts & Crafts, a...

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Highlights: Working with Communities in the DIY Oil Testing Booklet

by stevie over 2 years ago | 9 | 937 | 1

The second section of the new DIY Oil Testing Booklet, which we’re highlighting this week, is foc...

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DIY Oil Testing Toolkit: Graphic Template Release!

by mlamadrid over 2 years ago | 0 | 1,098 | 2

Hello! I have uploaded a template version of the book design for the DIY Oil Testing Toolkit. It'...

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Uv laser pointer (405nm <5mW) 2 stroke motor oil related testing Apr/29/2016

by dhaffnersr over 2 years ago | 4 | 1,110 | 0

This research is in direct relation to my previous testing of 2 stroke motor oil. I have also inc...

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