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Reduce interior reflections in your spectrometer with black ink

by warren about 2 years ago | 6 | 793 | 3

After building the [stability upgrade][1] to the [Desktop Spectrometry Starter Kit][2], I need...

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Building the @stoft stability upgrade for Desktop Spectrometry Starter Kit 3.0

by warren about 2 years ago | 1 | 628 | 2


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Landfill leachate in Louisiana ditches?

by eustatic about 2 years ago | 3 | 576 | 4

Let's take water samples in the Plaquemines ditches on Woodlands Hwy, and discuss how to use p...

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See the Fraunhofer absorption lines in sunlight

by warren about 2 years ago | 0 | 1,638 | 1

_This is a draft -- still in progress, based on [this note](https://publiclab.org/notes/cfastie/3...

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Calibrate your spectrometer in Spectral Workbench

by warren about 2 years ago | 7 | 7,864 | 7

In Public Lab's [spectrometry project][1], we've long used compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) as...

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