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Spectrometry UROP 4/23/11 update

by Alex-McCarthy almost 7 years ago | 0 | 2,722 | 0

At the beginning of the week I thought that I might have an adequate setup and procedure for iden...

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Spectral comparison tutorial for amateur astronomers

by warren about 7 years ago | 3 | 1,897 | 3

A tutorial on "how to superimposed spectra and to make sure the comparison is scientifically rele...

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Methane absorption band at around 1100nm

by warren over 7 years ago | 0 | 3,593 | 0

Playing with the HITRAN online database:

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Using the HITRAN database for spectral analysis

by warren over 7 years ago | 5 | 8,425 | 0

I'm really curious about our ability to identify methane and other gases with DIY spectroscopy in...

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Front-illumination CCDs (as used in digital cameras) don't perform well in UV

by warren over 7 years ago | 13 | 2,211 | 1

and this is why:

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