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Using a home-made Spectrometer to test kombucha readiness

by mkoistinen New Contributor over 5 years ago | 5 | 9,994 | 0

I discovered the spectralworkshop.org website via the complete PLOTS Kickstarter project. It see...

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Telemark skin glue for re-stickable spectrometer attachment

by warren over 5 years ago | 1 | 4,087 | 0

I'm trying to use the re-usable glue which is used to stick telemark skins (for climbing uphill i...

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Mobile Spectrometer Design Update

by BradDudenhoffer over 5 years ago | 2 | 3,746 | 0

Here is a quick update on the mobile spectrometer design. There are quite a few changes to the la...

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by cfastie over 5 years ago | 1 | 4,225 | 1

Image above: Detail of a neon sign of a Shindaiwa Power Broom. I took [Ebert]( http:/...

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where can I get Qualitative spectrometer reading.

by ernestbolds New Contributor over 5 years ago | 3 | 2,110 | 2

Please help me, I need to know where I can get an free or low cost Qualitative spectrometer readi...

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Opening up a Spectronic 20

by warren over 5 years ago | 7 | 6,953 | 0

I finally opened the Spectronic 20 underside and here's what it looks like! Great to see they jus...

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Grating angle: DVD+R

by cfastie over 5 years ago | 21 | 9,100 | 1

I measured angle g for multiple distances (D) between the entrance slit and the grating....

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Countertop and Mobile Spectrometers and iOS progress

by warren over 5 years ago | 0 | 3,994 | 0

[Reposted from Kickstarter](http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jywarren/public-lab-diy-spectrome...

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Classroom Flame Spectroscopy

by straylight almost 6 years ago | 11 | 9,208 | 2

A group of students and I put the PLOTS spectroscope to use observing the spectra from solutions ...

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The Evolution of the PLOTS Smartphone Spectrometer

by BradDudenhoffer over 5 years ago | 10 | 8,101 | 0

Back in August 2012 Jeffrey designed a version of the smartphone spectrometer which he had 3D ...

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Like buttons for spectra on SpectralWorkbench.org

by warren over 5 years ago | 0 | 1,976 | 1

I spent some time today implementing a basic "like" function so you can mark your favorite spectr...

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Grating angle

by cfastie over 5 years ago | 14 | 8,285 | 7

Image above: Lab assistant operating the SpectroBench 2000. Introduction</str...

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Fake alcoholic drinks

by Dplus New Contributor over 5 years ago | 2 | 3,906 | 0

During the summer months I work as a barman , in our family Bar Restaurant , here in Greece. The...

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Prototype CounterTop Spectrometer Built(Works)

by cbreuer over 5 years ago | 2 | 3,053 | 0

In the past couple of days I have helped Jeff finalize the parts list and build a prototype of th...

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distance spectrometry of refineries: questions

by eustatic over 5 years ago | 2 | 2,721 | 1

inspired by <a href="http://publiclaboratory.org/notes/jetson/1-27-2013/attempt-distance-spectrom...

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Attempt at Distance Spectrometery

by jetson New Contributor over 5 years ago | 11 | 2,695 | 2

I was attempting to see if I could detect a sample light source at a distance (I know astronomers...

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Light socket tests for countertop spectrometer, 3d prints of mobile spectrometer

by warren over 5 years ago | 0 | 4,181 | 0

I've been working with Cort on final parts lists and a final design for the [countertop spec](/wi...

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Desktop Spectrometer assembly

by nutandbolt New Contributor over 5 years ago | 4 | 2,066 | 0

I have been trying to assemble the desktop spectrometer kit and had a few questions. I started of...

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First draft vector files for foldable mini-spectrometer

by warren almost 6 years ago | 6 | 9,373 | 0

Here's a first attempt to vectorize the design for the mini foldable spectrometer. I had to expan...

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Spectral image quality

by cfastie over 5 years ago | 8 | 5,480 | 0

Image above: Close up of some terbium and europium emission peaks in the spectrum of a compac...

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DIY Desktop Spectrometer - camera quit working after two days of usage

by pluharj over 5 years ago | 2 | 4,792 | 0

After two days of using the Desktop Spectrometer received because backing the Kickstarter project...

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Foldup Spectrometer for iPhone

by cfastie over 5 years ago | 6 | 9,677 | 0

I now have two Public Lab fold-up spectrometers working with iPhones. These can take still photos...

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Jelly Belly

by cfastie over 5 years ago | 0 | 5,034 | 0

Over the holidays Galen and I were treated to dinner at the Waybury Inn in East Middlebury by our...

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