Northwestern United States and Western Canada

This is a regional page for the Public Lab community in the northwestern North America (Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Idaho, Montana). ###Our Northwest Organizers: * [Ann Chen](/profile/ann) (Alberta, Northern BC) * [Melissa Nunes](/profile/MelissaN) (Vancouver, BC) * [Noah Hochman](/profile/Nghochman): also on [staff](/wiki/plots-staff) * [Becki Chall](/profile/becki): also on [staff](/wiki/plots-staff) * [Natalie Mayorga](/profile/natcat5050): also on [staff](/wiki/plots-staff) * [Mathew Lippincott](/profile/mathew): also on [staff](/wiki/plots-staff) ###Existing Chapters (TBD) * * * (not recently active) ###Join * You can connect with other Northwest Public Lab members by [joining the Public Laboratory community]( and signing up for the [public-lab-northwest mailing list](!forum/public-lab-northwest). We also have a [public-lab-vancouver mailing list](!forum/public-lab-vancouver) too. This is how we communicate local events and projects that you can get involved with. * If you're interested in proposing a project, want to conduct your own mapping session or just want to hear about how you can get involved please contact us through the google group, and we'll help you get started (equipment, training, finding volunteers, etc.). Flying Tips: Balloon Mapping Regulations [wiki]( and [research note]( ###Current Projects ####**PIPELINE MAPPING** [![image01.jpg](]( [Pipeline Mapping]( is a project initiated by Public Lab organizer and Fulbright scholar [Ann Chen](/profile/ann) to collectively map the Northern Gateway Pipeline route through aerial imagery, oral histories, field recordings, photos and video. From October 1, 2014 - July 1, 2015, she will be traveling along the Northern Gateway Pipeline route organizing aerial mapping workshops with local communities to create an environmental picture and story about these places. Would you like to get involved? Is there another pipeline you would like to map? Join the [Pipeline Mapping Google Group](!forum/pipeline-mapping) to be part of a growing discussion around pipeline monitoring. **Join Pipeline Mapping Google Group** **Contact** pipelinemapping [at] **Relevant Links:** * [Nat Geo Blog]( * [Project Journal]( * [Twitter]( **Press:** * [Edmonton Sun, 11/23/14](

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