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Mini Cameras

This page collects resources related to the recent wave of #GoPro -like mini cameras that often have features like: * waterproof and impact-resistant cases * WiFi connectivity * light weight (~50-60 grams) These cameras vary widely in quality, from excellent (#GoPro cameras themselves, or #GitUp cameras which can do 4k with very clear crisp imagery) to [relatively low quality](/questions/warren/05-20-2017/cheap-lightweight-gopro-alternatives-for-aerial-mapping) which may still be useful depending on your use case and budget. The Public Lab Store carries a few models: * [the GitUp](https://store.publiclab.org/products/gitup-action-camera) * a generic [waterproof mini-camera](https://store.publiclab.org/waterproof-mini-camera) We also strongly recommend #pi-camera options based on the Raspberry Pi camera, especially for #infragram multispectral photography: * https://store.publiclab.org/collections/diy-infrared-photography * see #pi-camera for more **** ## Questions [questions:mini-camera] **** ## Activities [notes:grid:activity:mini-camera] ...

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