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The word "method" has different meanings in different spheres, at Public Lab we use it to mean any technique, approach, or set of techniques to achieve something. You can see a selection of them at the [Methods page](/methods), or post a new one using the instructions here: <a class="btn btn-primary" href="/wiki/new?n=14552&title=Your method name here">Post a new method here</a> ## What goes into a method page Briefly, a method page could contain: * A one-line introduction to the method or set of methods * Context and background on the method * Questions and a prompt to add your own * Activities to guide people to how to begin using or contributing to the project A **much** more complete description of methods [can be found here](https://publiclab.org/notes/liz/12-07-2016/post-a-new-method-to-publiclab-org). **** ## Questions [questions:methods] ## Activities [activities:methods] **** ## Templates * https://publiclab.org/wiki/method-template - a full template of what could/should be on a method page. Use it with [this link](/wiki/new?n= 13732&title=Your method name here) * https://publiclab.org/wiki/method-template-lite - a starting point to get your page up and started. Use it with [this link](/wiki/new?n=14552&title=Your method name here)...

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