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Posts tagged with #first-time-poster are the very first post by someone on -- please help to welcome newcomers find their way around the community and the website! You can also [subscribe to get email alerts](/subscribe/tag/first-time-poster) when first-timers post. Follow first-time-poster ## If you’re a first-time poster We’re happy to welcome you here! 🎉 Below you’ll find some general information about posting on for the first time. Create your first post ### Moderation The first time you post a research note, it will be held for moderation by a community moderators group. This helps to enable a safe and welcoming community for everyone. Check out the links here for more details about this process and moderation. [nodes:grid:first-contribution] ### More on contributing to the community **Have you made your first post? Hooray!** Visit the [contribute wiki page]( to learn about what you can do next with Public Lab. **Not quite ready to post just yet? That’s totally okay!** There are many other ways to get started with Public Lab. The [wiki page on contributing]( has more information on that, too. **If you know you want to ask a question or share and seek information on an environmental issue**, you can start right away with the links below: + [Post a question]( that other community members can respond to; + [Post an issue brief]( with basic information about an environmental concern you have, enabling other people to comment and share knowledge. ...

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Hi! No Research Notes have this tag 🤷, try checking the Questions or Wiki tabs on this page.

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