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Agriculture involves cultivating plants and raising domesticated animals for harvest. Crops can serve as food for people, feed for livestock, and raw materials for clothing and other textiles. Agricultural processes on all scales may be monitored for how they affect our landscapes, water, and soil. ###Check out projects on Public Lab related to agriculture: - [Five Borough Farm](https://publiclab.org/wiki/5bf) - [Notes on iFarm ](https://publiclab.org/notes/dorncox/4-23-2013/ifarm-imaging-agricultural-research-and-management-field-day) _Lead image from @cfastie's [work](/notes/cfastie/04-26-2013/middlebury-meetup)_ ###Recent questions [questions:agriculture] ###Monitoring methods and related wiki pages: [wikis:agriculture] ###Recent research and activities: [notes:agriculture] ...

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