What is Public Lab?

Public Lab is an open community which develops and applies open-source tools to environmental exploration and investigation. Read more here

By signing up, you will be joining a diverse group of community researchers and tapping into a lot of grassroots expertise. We're developing new tools to investigate and meet environmental and environmental health challenges, with an emphasis on:

  • low cost
  • data legibility
  • ease of use/low barrier to entry & high public participation
  • high quality, environmentally and socially relevant data
  • creative reuse of consumer technology
  • open source and user modifiable designs

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As an open source community, we believe in open licensing of content so that other members of the community can leverage your work legally -- with attribution, of course. By joining the Public Lab site, you agree to release the content you post here under a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license, and the hardware designs you post under the CERN Open Hardware License 1.1 (full text). This has the added benefit that others must share their improvements in turn with you.

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