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Question:What are some options for copper materials to make a copper plate test kit?

warren asked on December 06, 2017 17:55
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We've looked at copper pipes and plates as potential materials for our prototype copper plate discoloration test for hydrogen sulfide.

What are some other options? We're looking for:

  • low cost
  • easy to cut would be nice
  • small, say 3x3 inches or less?
  • can be scrubbed with acetone or solvent to clean off
  • high purity copper?

What have folks tried, or wanted to try out? We're hoping to make a prototyping kit for this!

Also see this related question about setup:

What's the best setup for a copper rod or copper plate test for DIY hydrogen sulfide detection?

And this one about how to scrub them clean before testing:

Can you use rubbing alcohol for prepping copper for Hydrogen Sulfide test?

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1 Answers

Great notes on choosing different copper pipes (apparently there's red copper and blue copper?) by @sara on this post:

Also a good discussion of whether adhesive copper foil could work, or if it'd interact with the acetone badly, with @gretchengehrke and @zengirl2:

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