Question: How do I make a video from a series of photos?

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warren asked on December 05, 2016 17:51
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What I want to do or know

Is there an easy way to make a timelapse video out of a series of images, like from a #trail-camera?

Background story

Chris made a great video from photos from a #trail-cam in his post on our #leaffest timelapse tests:

And was asking others to upload some of their timelapses in this thread:

I wanted to know what the easiest/cheapest way to do this is, so others can share their images the same way.

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5 Answers

I did find a bunch of YouTube videos of how to use different programs, but haven't done so myself:

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On mac, the easiest way is to use Quicktime 7, File --> Open Image Sequence

warren 8 months ago

Just found a good video for this:

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Just for the record, It can be easily done using GNU/linux. Here two tutorials for Kdenlive (just GNU/linux) and OpenShot (the only multiplatform, FLOSS video editor so windows/mac too)

Kdenlive ?
OpenShot ?

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Found an online JavaScript based version -- a little rough but maybe it means we can expand this out and do it without installing anything:

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