Question: Is there a way to use ground-proximity data to do terrain mapping via kite/balloon mapping?

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by mimiss | May 09, 2019 16:54 | #19286

I came across this cool project from the Arduino project hub for building a ground proximity sensor. (

I'm wondering if something like this could be mounted to a kite/balloon in a way that keeps it oriented in a manner that works.

This build uses lights and frequency of blinking to show the data. Could it be logged with a timestamp to map height?

If so, what would it look like to correlate that height with images to measure the height of things your mapping.

Lastly, what would be applications of this? Could someone measure the growth of a landfill? The decrease in height of a glacier? Height changes in newly re-forested areas?


@warren @eustatic - know anyone that would be able to answer this question? Neat tool @mimiss!

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