Question: What groups or agencies are looking at the intersections of land/soil management and ocean pollution?

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by laurel_mire | June 19, 2021 16:51 | #26856

This is a question that came up during the wrap up event for the soil contamination research area review (you can find the summary post along with a list of questions here 🎈 Public Lab: Wrapping up a research area review on soil contamination!).

Growing up in the Mississippi River Delta, I know all too well about how land use and soil management, especially in the agricultural industry, can greatly influence conditions in a receiving water body, such as the seasonal dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. As industry and agriculture grow, it seems to me like the interactions of these topics will only become increasingly relevant in the scientific, industrial, and governmental sectors.

Does anyone know of any groups, agencies, researchers, etc focused on the interactions between these two already complex topics?


Healthy Gulf does advocacy work on the dead zone: @eustatic, is this problem gaining more attention with other researchers or agencies?

Also looks like the UN has a current initiative called "Global Action to Protect the Marine Environment from Land-Based Pollution"

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