Question: How can I purchase dustduino sensor?

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erumenig asked on September 19, 2017 12:27
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My name is Eduardo and I am an active mobility student in São Paulo, Brazil. In my research, I analyze the concentration of particulate matter in different urban areas. Thus, I would need a portable sensor - preferably low cost - to measure the concentration of air pollution, and DustDuino would be perfect. So could you offer some information on how I could produce or buy this particulate material sensor?

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warren 7 months ago

Hi, Eduardo - sounds interesting! Maybe @schroyer @willie know -- are these parts still available for purchase?

Willie 7 months ago

Hi @erumenig we used mostly off the shelf components to build the dustduino kit. The only really unique piece was the acrylic case. We worked with some friends at the Garoa Hacker Clube in Sao Paulo on the DustDuino in Brazil. Have you met with them?

erumenig 7 months ago

Warren and Willie, hello! I would like to thank you for these informations. I heard about them. I'll try to contact the Garoa. Thank you again.

xose 7 months ago

Hi erumenig, find the Shinyei PPD42 sensor, core of the dustduino, here

warren 7 months ago

Thanks all!

erumenig 7 months ago

Firstly, thanks for elucidate my questions.

Let me understand just 1 thing more. After purchase the components and to make "DustDuino" I would have to program the software and calibrate the sensor; or not, the "Shinyei PPD42" would be calibrate by the manufacturer?

I ask because I know little about software programming. My graduation is in Social Science and Physiology, and now I'm interested to study environmental justice and active mobility in Sao Paulo.

Thank you again.

xose 5 days ago

Hi @erumenig sorry for the delay. I've realized this thread remained in stand by. How did it go? Did you manage to build the device? Best!

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