Question: How to connect an anemometer to an air particulate monitor?

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by crispinpierce | July 30, 2021 17:23 | #27394

I'd be very interested in getting input from Public Lab contributors on linking an anemometer with a Purple Air monitor to categorize particulate pollution levels with wind speed and direction. One outcome of such a pairing could be a "pollution rose" that could attribute (or disprove) an association between a particular emission source (e.g., frac sand plant) and community exposure.

Wind rose:

We are a faculty-student team at UW-Eau Claire and have benefited from working with Public Lab folks including Stevie Lewis.

The Purple Air monitor data are sent to their website ( Could an anemometer that measures wind speed and direction be paired with a specific air monitor so we can see if particulate pollution is coming from a specific direction?

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