Question: Geotiff error when trying to export

Zemans asked on May 03, 2018 00:42
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Greetings. We are total newbies and getting a Geotiff error when trying to export to print for a science project. Any help out there?


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bronwen 22 days ago

Welcome, @Zemans !

It looks like you're trying to export something from Mapknitter, yes?

warren 21 days ago

I believe there was an outage yesterday -- when did you run the export? If you link us to the map we can likely help with tweaking the final resolution. @icarito - just a heads up about this export!

icarito 21 days ago

Hi, I don't think this export was affected by yeterday's outage. The interrupted exports were for other users @justinhall74 and @whallet - I sent individual comments on each case. @warren I guess @Zemans should try again? Here is a link to his try in case someone can tell what happened: - @Zemans, thanks for letting us know and sorry you had difficulties!

Zemans 21 days ago

Hi. Thanks much. For a HS science project in Bolivia, we are trying to export a map for printing so we can put it on a poster board. Any help would be great!

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1 Answers

Hi. I am not sure how to respond to bronwen (technically). Yes, we are attempting to use Mapknitter and want to print. Any clue for us? It was only allowing to print to Geotiff. I use a Mac and Safari.

warren 14 days ago

Hi, if it's only one image, you can use this download button -- the white one to the far right:


warren 14 days ago

And less distorted images can sometimes work better for the full export (on the export tab): Screen_Shot_2018-05-10_at_1.51.22_PM.png

warren 14 days ago

I was able to export like that and get a JPG: test-boys.jpg

Hope that helps!

Zemans 14 days ago

That is a great tip about downloading with the one button. Thank you!

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