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The creator of GrassrootsMapping.org and co-founder and Research Director for Public Lab, Jeffrey Warren designs mapping and community science tools and professionally flies balloons and kites. He leads the coding community at Public Lab, and has developed the vector-mapping framework Cartagen and grassroots mapping tool MapKnitter, as well as open spectral database and toolkit Spectral Workbench.

He is on the board of of the Open Source Hardware Association and served from 2015-17 as Vice President, is on the board (since 2014) of alternative education program Parts and Crafts in Somerville MA, and an advocate of open source software, hardware, and data. He co-founded Vestal Design, a graphic/interaction design firm in 2004, and directed the Cut&Paste Labs project, a year-long series of workshops on open source tools and web design in 2006-7 with Lima designer Diego Rotalde.

Jeff holds an MS from MIT and a BA in Architecture from Yale University, and spent much of that time working with artist/technologist Natalie Jeremijenko, building robotic dogs and stuff. To find out more, visit Unterbahn.com.

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"Hi, this is in MapKnitter, I see; do you think you could add that to the title? As for the menu, that's odd; I will try to borrow a Mac to test, b..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
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"Cheryl Holzmeyer wrote in to my email to the lists: I don't know if this is too general, but in case it's relevant (calcium carbonate is listed in..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi! Can you share your two spectra URLs so we can see? Thanks! " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Yeah - so one idea behind the methods pages is to try to list out some of the "challenges" or next steps that'd be needed, and some of the remainin..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, just wondering - were the controls completely sealed, or did you also put controls in areas where there was air, but not air with H2S? Just thi..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Just in case the Slideshare disappears, i'm uploading the PDF here: deaverfinal-140617232405-phpapp01.pdf " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Wow, this is super! Thanks, Chris! Do you think as more info comes together around this device (like more posts, questions, etc) we might post it o..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, folks - one more update -- I worked through the plan for the Map project, from Mridul's proposal, and put together a checklist-style plan in a ..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, @mridulnagpal! I've looked through your plan in detail and wanted to propose some revisions and a way to break up the work into phases a bit mo..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, @stella @david-days and @ujitha, and really anyone interested in email notifications -- i found a couple smaller projects which would require a..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Ah, i've just learned that I didn't know the definition of vignetting. But I do now -- apologies for mixing this up! I haven't heard anything about..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"There are a few different approaches to this too, but one which definitely works is documented alongside an in-progress web-based approach, both un..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, all - just checking that everyone's followed the link above to subscribe -- One thing I wanted to ask everyone to do as well is to read over th..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Also -- @mridulnagpal - in case you're listening, last night's map changes support your summer project! https://github.com/publiclab/plots2/pull/13..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, all -- @ryzokuken, @stella, @ccpandhare, @mridulnagpal, @Ashan, @david-days, @ananyo2012, @Ujitha, @stevie, @liz -- (so far!) Would all mentor..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
":-) thanks, Chris!!! " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi -- well, there may be methods like that; just to put in another idea, although you probably won't want to do it; Dorn Cox from Farm Hack has act..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"The update looks super, and the chatroom-first plan too! " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"It's a big project, and we'd like to identify smaller subsets to use as "pilot" exporatory initial projects that can be completed quickly so we can..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, @ryzokuken - just getting back in here now; just for starters, can you update the Cases above with a brief mention of where the bot would app..." | Read more » about 2 years ago


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