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The creator of GrassrootsMapping.org and co-founder and Research Director for Public Lab, Jeffrey Warren designs mapping and community science tools and professionally flies balloons and kites. He leads the coding community at Public Lab, and has developed the vector-mapping framework Cartagen and grassroots mapping tool MapKnitter, as well as open spectral database and toolkit Spectral Workbench.

He is on the board of of the Open Source Hardware Association and served from 2015-17 as Vice President, is on the board (since 2014) of alternative education program Parts and Crafts in Somerville MA, and an advocate of open source software, hardware, and data. He co-founded Vestal Design, a graphic/interaction design firm in 2004, and directed the Cut&Paste Labs project, a year-long series of workshops on open source tools and web design in 2006-7 with Lima designer Diego Rotalde.

Jeff holds an MS from MIT and a BA in Architecture from Yale University, and spent much of that time working with artist/technologist Natalie Jeremijenko, building robotic dogs and stuff. To find out more, visit Unterbahn.com.

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"@xose - i've tagged it as an activity, but if other related (next steps) activities were added, and a Q+A section, this could be the first post on ..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hm, can you link to the Ed Mallon comment about square waves? Also I see your posts here: https://publiclab.org/notes/cfastie/06-09-2017/the-mini-..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"@pdhixenbaugh - this would be great to have posted on the Riffle page as well, and we can inter-link the answers. Have a moment to post it? " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Just wanted to say, I love this analysis and have shared it already with @stevie and @liz and @becki -- thanks so much for posting it here! We're v..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Just noting this post by @SeanKMcGinnis on using #raspberry-pi-cameras -- https://publiclab.org/notes/SeanKMcGinnis/03-12-2014/raspberry-pi-camera..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"@nshapiro also pointed out that it would be easier to break your pump by flooding it if you used it in the usual "push" mode. Just so I understand,..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, Nick, can you post the total estimated cost? Thanks!! " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Oops, sorry! " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Redirected from previous wiki page -- and moving @xose's photos here; thanks!! " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Great thank you, I read through and left some comments, the plan looks great. Super! " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Oops, i sent this before finishing it up! Too many tabs open, i guess, got distracted. @ccpandhare, can you post a checklist as outlined above a bi..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"@ryzokuken, @stella, @ccpandhare, @mridulnagpal, @Ashan, @david-days, @ananyo2012, @Ujitha, @stevie, @liz, @icarito -- Great first couple days! I ..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi! The Mobius can be used as a webcam, and a converted lens is available in the store: https://publiclab.myshopify.com/collections/diy-infrared-ph..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"@ryzokuken, @stella, @ccpandhare, @mridulnagpal, @Ashan, @david-days, @ananyo2012, @Ujitha, @stevie, @liz - gsoc begins tomorrow (for me, though to..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"@RonHuber chimed in on the lists: We hypothesized the calcium carbonate dust emanating from the Cement Kiln Dust waste piles of a cement kiln near..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Of course, it'd be great to see an even cheaper #raspberry-pi -based alternative too! " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, Gretchen - do you have some examples of when and where this technique has been successfully used by folks? Thanks! " | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Another answer via @Zengirl2 !: I just wanted to add a study I found for Sri Lanka looking at health issues from Lime dust emission. The study loo..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"@xose, just a note about this great question that was posted over the weekend -- i'd love to hear more about your #raspberry-pi trail camera -- esp..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, Cheryl -- there's a little bit about cell-enabled trail cameras for remote #timelapse monitoring, here: https://publiclab.org/notes/LauraChiple..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Well, comment sections are great for deep discussion, no problems there. I just think for example some of the questions here could also be broken o..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, Ben - I hear via @stevie that you've switched to a higher power supply (2.5 amps) but again it only worked for ~24 hours. (https://data.sparkfu..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"Hi, this is in MapKnitter, I see; do you think you could add that to the title? As for the menu, that's odd; I will try to borrow a Mac to test, b..." | Read more » about 2 years ago
"I need to look through the archive.org API, but I wonder if it'd be possible to add some of the extra features, or really interfaces, that mapmill ..." | Read more » about 2 years ago


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