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The creator of GrassrootsMapping.org and co-founder and Research Director for Public Lab, Jeffrey Warren designs mapping and community science tools and professionally flies balloons and kites. He leads the coding community at Public Lab, and has developed the vector-mapping framework Cartagen and grassroots mapping tool MapKnitter, as well as open spectral database and toolkit Spectral Workbench.

He is on the board of of the Open Source Hardware Association and served from 2015-17 as Vice President, is on the board (since 2014) of alternative education program Parts and Crafts in Somerville MA, and an advocate of open source software, hardware, and data. He co-founded Vestal Design, a graphic/interaction design firm in 2004, and directed the Cut&Paste Labs project, a year-long series of workshops on open source tools and web design in 2006-7 with Lima designer Diego Rotalde.

Jeff holds an MS from MIT and a BA in Architecture from Yale University, and spent much of that time working with artist/technologist Natalie Jeremijenko, building robotic dogs and stuff. To find out more, visit Unterbahn.com.

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"Working on it... spectroscopy! I have some samples and will be gathering more. " | Read more » almost 8 years ago
"http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fluorescent_lighting_spectrum_peaks_labelled.png Peak number Wavelength of peak (nm) Species producing peak..." | Read more » almost 8 years ago
"Wow! This is an amazing one, Stu. Could def. be part of the mapping curriculum and/or the How-To page on stitching. " | Read more » almost 8 years ago
"After seeing Shannon's rig in Barataria Bay, i've switched to using the bottle cap instead of rubber bands now too. Bottle caps are wonderful, huh? " | Read more » almost 8 years ago
"I'd love to see a series of spectrometer measurements of a tomato as it ages, as it's kept in the fridge, or frozen. " | Read more » almost 8 years ago
"Wow, this is great! I guess many of our coastal images are not topographically interesting... but i do wonder what this process would look like wit..." | Read more » almost 8 years ago
"Congratulations to Felipe from CiudadanoInteligente, who really put this one together! And a shout out to Natalie Jeremijenko, who first attempted ..." | Read more » almost 8 years ago
"Hi, Mahmoud - did you have trouble posting a link or some content? " | Read more » almost 8 years ago
"Oh man... we ought to get in touch with john again ... we could definitely put together a little group to get out there 3 or 4 times... " | Read more » almost 8 years ago
"I'd hazard a guess that a spectrometer would yield much more information about the contents of sap -- there's only one dimension in BRIX data, just..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
"I added a timelapse video of Stewart stitching this map together -- it's amazing to see the process occurring before your eyes. Make no mistake, it..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
"haha, nice -- very nice! " | Read more » about 8 years ago
"Great work, Alex - http://publiclaboratory.org/notes/warren/5-3-2011/hoya-uv-filter-profiles I noted on this page that the UV cutoff of glass is ..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
"gosh this is colorful. it's going to look great in print. " | Read more » about 8 years ago
"yeah i think apple doesn't want you to be happy. There's a $30 adapter: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC531ZM/A " | Read more » about 8 years ago
"A note on this -- Remote Sensing: Principles and Interpretation lists the cutoff of UV for glass (lenses) as 350nm. I wonder if getting a Hoya 350 ..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
"$45 for 4 hours, $75 for 24 hours! Michael Nagle from Sprout just gave them a ring. " | Read more » about 8 years ago
"Stewart -- we ought to add this to the curriculum: http://publiclaboratory.org/wiki/mapping-curriculum In fact, publishing the curriculum as a se..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
"Is there good ground reference imagery for this site? What are the coordinates? " | Read more » about 8 years ago
"Wow, fantastic resolution. What altitude did you fly from? " | Read more » about 8 years ago
"Hi, Trịnh Ngọc Duy -- Your flight looks great, amazing! (including it inline here for other readers: If you're interested, you should email the..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
"Alex Kolker from LUMCON (Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium) mentioned that although waterways in marshland may shift quite rapidly, the cent..." | Read more » about 8 years ago
"Crap, this turns out to be a Digital Globe image, under copyright. Oh well. " | Read more » about 8 years ago
"Yeah... i was photographing flowers because i've heard that they look quite different in the UV range, since many pollinating insects can see UV. " | Read more » about 8 years ago


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