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Cartoscope GRN Harvey: Requests for feedback -- not ready for use

by sspatharioti 8 days ago | 4 | 111 | 2

Responding to a request by the Gulf Restoration Network for identifying oil sheens in aerial im...

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LEAFFEST Aeropod flight

by cfastie 16 days ago | 0 | 111 | 1

A LEAFFEST goal was to fly both an Aeropod and a SkyPod to compare their sensor results. Both can...

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How do DIY microscopes compare (cost, ease of use, resolution) to commercial options?

by warren 16 days ago | 1 | 149 | 1

For folks to decide whether a DIY microscope is a worthwhile approach in (for example) looking at...

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Has anyone used a RasPi camera in a DIY microscope?

by bmela 17 days ago | 0 | 135 | 1

I'm new to DIY scopes and just started experimenting with one, so I'm wondering if the community...

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kite for aerial photography

by Juanjo 17 days ago | 0 | 125 | 2

![image description]( "I...

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How does the EPA measure things, especially the size of dust particles?

by kgradow1 17 days ago | 1 | 117 | 1

I've spent a lot of the last day and half trying to catching up on PM monitoring techniques for t...

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How does data from a Kestrel wind sensor compare to an Modern Device wind sensor?

by warren 18 days ago | 0 | 102 | 1

The Kestrel is the commercial logger used on the NASA #aren project's #aeropod design, and the AS...

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How long does it take to build the hackteria microscope? (is it easy?)

by kgradow1 18 days ago | 0 | 114 | 1

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Can we take photos with the Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi camera?

by wmacfarl 18 days ago | 1 | 125 | 1

How easy is it to get the Raspberry Pi camera working with the Pi Zero W? Can this process be st...

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Walkthrough: What software is used to get wind data off the Kestral?

by kgradow1 18 days ago | 0 | 78 | 1

Based on this research note:

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Does leadership require expertise?

by mollydb 18 days ago | 1 | 125 | 2

Much debate.

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NASA Aeropod unboxing

by cfastie 20 days ago | 0 | 145 | 1

The NASA Aeropod arrived this week in a box and...

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Does anyone have a FLIR Optical Gas Imaging camera to lend to help a community find gas leaks?

by warren 23 days ago | 0 | 144 | 1

From Toxics Action Center, @clairebwmiller is asking on behalf of a c...

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Workshop: Mapping the Africatown Connections Blueway

by stevie 26 days ago | 0 | 200 | 2

_Lead image thanks to THE CROWD & THE CLOUD,, supported by NSF, the National Sc...

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Does anyone know someone at who can enable CORS for images of Harvey pollution?

by warren 26 days ago | 0 | 69 | 1

I'm trying to set up a workflow for reporters of damaged industrial sites that may be polluting a...

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Can NASA VIIRS data used for disaster maps?

by marlokeno 28 days ago | 3 | 126 | 1

Looking at maps from the Suomi satellite of fires in the Western US, destruction of Rohingya vill...

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Notes and Reflections from Hurricane Preparedness Discussion/Dinner

by stevie 28 days ago | 1 | 217 | 2

Monday, [Water Works][1] hosted Hurricane Preparedness Discussion and Dinner event in partnership...

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Can someone make a map to display NOAA Harvey imagery with coordinates and permalink?

by warren 28 days ago | 0 | 144 | 2

We are [creating a workflow](

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Are there maps/tools for finding potential pollution sites for Puerto Rico?

by Zengirl2 29 days ago | 0 | 102 | 1

Due to hurricanes it would be helpful to have site locations in order to check for pollution afte...

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