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Assembling the Public Lab Lego Spectrometer

by warren about 22 hours ago | 0 | 205 | 2

Follow these steps to assemble a Lego Spectrometer, for use with the Raspberry Pi...

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How to use the API to export a constant stream of data?

by Reallygeek 3 days ago | 0 | 69 | 1

I used the $ command in the chrome console, and I was able to get data at that time of the ...

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Sensor Collection For KnowFlow --a water-quality-testing facility

by juncheng09 5 days ago | 0 | 89 | 2

I made a sensor collection for KnowFlow --a water-quality-testing facility. All these sensors d...

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Will an Arduino measure water depth?

by cfastie 5 days ago | 0 | 123 | 1

_Above: My newly renovated springhouse. I have not seen water exiting the overflow pipes in sever...

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Could the Raspberry Pi Microscope be used for looking at microplastics found in ocean water?

by stevie 5 days ago | 1 | 96 | 1

I was recently speaking with @Bluemountainsurfer about the microscope project. He asked if we cou...

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How cheaply can I get all the parts of the basic microscope kit?

by warren 5 days ago | 0 | 83 | 1

For the new [Basic Microscope Kit](

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What do I need to get started with the Community Kits program?

by warren 6 days ago | 0 | 80 | 1

Of course anyone can post their work on the website, but what are the starting requirements to jo...

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Net Neutrality: resources for action

by gretchengehrke 7 days ago | 0 | 344 | 2

Image obtained from: Hi Folks, The FCC will likely be voting...

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Kits Initiative 2017 Wrap Up!

by bronwen 7 days ago | 0 | 154 | 1

2017 was an exciting year for Public Lab Kits Initiative. We welcomed new team members said g...

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Develop Community Kits with Public Lab!

by bronwen 8 days ago | 0 | 156 | 1

**The Kits Initiative is opening our doors to projects from around the world by launching a Commu...

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What are different commercially available hydrogen sulfide detection methods?

by warren 9 days ago | 0 | 84 | 1

We're compiling information about the: pros & cons prices sensitivity/limitations about e...

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Folding-Beijing: A Board Game based on Beijing eviction action

by shanlter 10 days ago | 0 | 309 | 2

In this year's Barnraising, @Matej, @kgradow1, Tony and I were making a board game about resident...

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Risks to public comment

by liz 10 days ago | 3 | 99 | 1

Lead image by FRANK AUGUGLIARO for WIred, article linked below Public comment is a governme...

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Setting up the Raspberry Pi Camera for Wireless Streaming

by partsandcrafts 11 days ago | 7 | 192 | 2

For a full overview of this project, go to [Raspberry Pi Microscope Build](

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Putting sensor data to work

by cfastie 11 days ago | 1 | 179 | 1

I have been using a Nano Data Logger to [monitor th...

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Can you use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover for prepping copper for Hydrogen Sulfide test?

by Zengirl2 13 days ago | 0 | 100 | 1

Looking to use something that is usually around the house.

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by incaking 15 days ago | 4 | 131 | 2

I am a...

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How to select a site for hydrogen sulfide testing?

by warren 15 days ago | 0 | 87 | 1

I'm interested in some guidance or support materials for choosing a good site to do hydrogen sulf...

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How can we safely try out and evaluate a hydrogen sulfide test?

by warren 15 days ago | 0 | 78 | 1

There are a few different methods being tested out for detecting hydrogen sulfide, and given that...

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