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Practicing a PM hotspot survey in New Auburn, WI

by mathew 2 days ago | 3 | 134 | 2

Attempting a Hotspot survey in New Auburn, WI with: @Stevie, @Gretchen, @Warren, @marlokeno, Jonn...

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Investigating thermal properties of paved surfaces using grassroots mapping approaches.

by Rmeyer 3 days ago | 0 | 86 | 1

I'd like to hear advice and find resources that can help us investigate the thermal properties...

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MACA - Open Air Quality Monitor project in Latin America

by nanocastro 4 days ago | 6 | 139 | 8

The MACA Open Air Quality Monitor project (Monitor Abierto de Calidad del Aire in spanish) star...

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Kite mapping Barcelona

by imvec 5 days ago | 6 | 206 | 1

Next Saturday 29th April we will be hosting a kite mapping event at the city of Barcelona. We w...

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Inexpensive data logging

by cfastie 6 days ago | 5 | 112 | 3

*Above: These two little breakout boards are the key to using an Arduino to log data. A microSD c...

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World's fastest and super cheap automated cell counter!

by syoif 18 days ago | 0 | 168 | 2 ←Cloud fundi...

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Data Collection and Curation Questions

by gkb 22 days ago | 0 | 121 | 1

You have a data archive for maps. You are planning to have a data archive for water quality. For ...

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When is it OK to work with non-open components in open source work?

by warren 24 days ago | 0 | 207 | 3

At Public Lab, perhaps more so than in other open hardware oriented communities, we're often remi...

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Stitching Images into Maps with MapKnitter

by warren 24 days ago | 0 | 165 | 1

Once you have collected your images, you should set aside a block of time (at least 3 hours) ...

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Host a collaborative map drawing workshop

by liz 25 days ago | 0 | 114 | 2

This is one of a series of guides for collaborative environmental research and advocacy projects....

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Graph Editor for Image-sequencer

by calvrix 28 days ago | 2 | 134 | 1

(This template is for students applying to summer code programs with Public Lab. Use this link to...

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Recruiting (Local) DYI Scientists for a Wetlands Project

by belkinsa about 1 month ago | 2 | 129 | 1

Since this is my first research note, I think this topic is the prefect one to start my work with...

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Re-construction for ImageSequencer

by yachao about 1 month ago | 14 | 174 | 1

Name: Yachao Lu **GitHub: **

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The Great GPS Ski-off

by cfastie about 1 month ago | 0 | 184 | 1

_Above: The GPS capabilities of these four devices were compared in a non-definitive and poorly c...

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Developing Image Sequencer as a Library

by ccpandhare about 1 month ago | 13 | 199 | 2

Note: This is a draft and some sections are under development Name: Chinmay Pandhare Email...

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Upgrade Plot to Rails 4/Implementation of Facebook/Twitter Login

by siaw23 about 1 month ago | 7 | 136 | 2

My name is Emmanuel Hayford. I am a Rails developer and a final year Computer Science student a...

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Is this government security warning on NOAA new?

by marlokeno about 1 month ago | 0 | 73 | 1

Also, is this an attempt to copyright a database, and what is going on? This afternoon I...

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Host a balloon mapping workshop

by liz about 1 month ago | 0 | 86 | 2

Want to show others how to make balloon or kite maps? Need help mapping a large site or doing lon...

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A standalone aerial sensor pod

by cfastie about 1 month ago | 6 | 124 | 1

*Above: The new bracket to hold a self contained GPS + sensor data logger on a Saturn V Rig. The ...

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Can the New Auburn, WI Recreation Area be used to identify downwind dust from Great Northern Sand?

by mathew about 1 month ago | 0 | 69 | 2

An [Optical PM monitor can be used to take a qualitative survey of the relative PM levels](https:...

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