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Where can we bulk purchase new carbon fiber mapping poles?

by warren 13 days ago | 0 | 77 | 1

Hi, all - we've had some trouble getting a bulk order together for the Pole Mapping kit we've car...

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Winds aloft

by cfastie 15 days ago | 3 | 151 | 1

_Above: This seven foot Rokkaku kite lifted a two pound camera rig with EOS M and SkyPod data log...

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Demo for leaflet-blurred-location

by mridulnagpal 15 days ago | 9 | 77 | 4

This library will be used to geo-tag the research notes, it comes with a co-ordinated graticule w...

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Mapping rugged coastal environments with a Raspberry Pi and a balloon?

by samwf 16 days ago | 8 | 139 | 4

The short: I'm a geoscience graduate student. For my project, I need high-resolution, quanti...

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Willow Creek Water Quality Monitoring

by MadTinker 17 days ago | 5 | 175 | 5

I am currently active with the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee,...

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Have you had any experience utilizing low cost portable microscopes?

by gilbert 30 days ago | 1 | 95 | 1

There is an increasing need for communities impacted by environmental degradat...

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Redstone Rig 2.0

by cfastie about 1 month ago | 3 | 122 | 1

Three and a half years ago I posted [a research note](

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How To Make Time Lapse Spectrometer

by LightWaveResearch8000 about 1 month ago | 1 | 107 | 1

How do you make a raspberry pi 3 with a camera module connect to a spectrometer using time lapse...

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Stormwater Workshop 6: Monitoring and Lessons Learned

by stevie about 1 month ago | 0 | 104 | 1

After a month of stormwater monitoring and collecting data, we got together for one more workshop...

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Seeking DC-area folks interested in building temperature sensors for urban heat island measurement

by carohowe about 1 month ago | 6 | 119 | 1

Looking for DC folks who would be willing/able to facilitate or participate in workshops to discu...

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What are ways to record ambient temperature every 5 sec and export easily?

by carohowe about 1 month ago | 5 | 130 | 1

I am trying to figure out how we can give cyclists across DC temperature sensors that would captu...

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Quick Kite Survey of Bayou St John Wetland, post-Cindy, July 1st 2017

by eustatic about 1 month ago | 0 | 90 | 1

Miriam and I wanted to see how quickly we could survey the [Bayou St John wetland.](https://publi...

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How to verify generated NDVI Images?

by ccpandhare about 1 month ago | 10 | 96 | 1

I am a Google Summer of Code Student working with Public Lab. I am working on the [Image Sequence...

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A sweet way to attach a camera to a kite or balloon line

by cfastie about 1 month ago | 2 | 258 | 2

Above: All you need to make a good camera rig for aerial photography. This is a really easy wa...

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The Squid and the Rok

by cfastie about 1 month ago | 3 | 153 | 3

I might have missed Squid Week, but I had to wait for the rain to stop. The squid kite is part of...

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What's the best way to attach a camera to a balloon?

by warren about 1 month ago | 1 | 138 | 1

(reposting a question [by Dani S from our Kickstarter](

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AstroPlant RPi sensory system

by Sidney_AstroPlant about 1 month ago | 3 | 164 | 2

​Dear community members, I am currently involved in the development of a hydroponics prototype k...

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Collaboratively write the new Pocket Guide to Grassroots Mapping

by warren about 1 month ago | 1 | 147 | 1

As we gear up for the launch of our [new Mini Kite and Balloon Kits](

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Mini Pearl Jam

by cfastie about 1 month ago | 2 | 215 | 2

*Above: Some perfectly good resistors that I removed from some perfectly good PCBs in hopes of lo...

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