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My background is in the arts, software development and civic media. I'm interested in ways to engage the public in collecting, analyzing and taking action on environmental data.

At Public Lab I was previously helping to organize the Open Water/Riffle project with Don Blair. I'm deeply interested in how we get broader audiences engaged with environmental data that matters for their everyday lives.

I'm also interested in data visualization and data storytelling in a journalism context and I'd like to help build Public Lab connections in those areas.

You can find me at www.kanarinka.com.

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"Awesome write-up guys - I can't believe how much progress was made in such a short time. I think the audio stuff has so much educational potential ..." | Read more » almost 5 years ago
"I got the email notification @warren. So super awesome to see the progress on this " | Read more » almost 5 years ago
"No worries - if you can travel north a bit you should consider coming to the New England barnraising the weekend of June 5th -- http://publiclab.or..." | Read more » about 5 years ago
"Thanks ZenGirl2 - a tutorial is definitely in the works as soon as we have a working prototype that people can use -- we are looking at June 5th fo..." | Read more » about 5 years ago
"nice work - it's great to see that the conductivity measurement is coming along like this! " | Read more » about 5 years ago
"I agree that this is great Zenon and we are looking to do something similar with another project. Who was your audience for this video? For our con..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
"Nice work you guys!! Was the plant running on the day that this image was taken? Since the plant has been going up and down recently It might be in..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
"Thanks everyone for the suggestions - these are great tips and I will employ them in the next round of creek photography. In particular I like the ..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
"From my standpoint I am a big fan of balloon mapping and all the work of PLOTS but as a layperson/out of context don't necessarily always understan..." | Read more » about 7 years ago


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