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Natural tool light dimming tool

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"Yeah incognito mode worked :D jeeh https://spectralworkbench.org/spectrums/show2/70798 shall dump my cash now in the browser. " | Read more » over 3 years ago
"oke here it goes step one firing up the spectrum capture then everything looks fine and going to save the spectrum In the save window going t..." | Read more » over 3 years ago
"Also tried to donwload the spectrum and then upload it manualy but the button stays on loading... " | Read more » over 3 years ago
"@warren I tried it again but no succes :( It happend last night got some spectrums and suddenly it stopped saving them. Tried chrome and internet ..." | Read more » over 3 years ago
"He it worked @liz some how! to just make a new calibration of 9 points with a different fluoresent light bulb not the ones i use for aquariums " | Read more » over 3 years ago


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