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I am 53 years old and a retired Navy veteran, I believe that science is a quest for truth and knowledge, this is its purity, in the basic spirit of that pursuit, I do NOT believe that it is ever acceptable to stifle or silence in any way the creative or intellectual processes involved in that pursuit.

Whether it is in robust debate with peers or colleagues about a specific subject or issue, or just some stranger on the street in general conversation. Intellectual freedom should always be cherished and respected, above all, before ANY type of censorship.

Censorship includes those who would; design a protocol on how you are to speak, what words are acceptable and which one's are not, how you should feel and interact with your fellow human being ie., what type of body language you should use, facial expressions, ect.,

It also includes, believe it or not, what you should write and what you should NOT, when using the internet for communication, example; do not use "humor" when corresponding with others because they cannot "see your facial expressions?"

To me, it is a real shame that the state of our so called, "educated" society would fall prey to such non-sense.

I fought in our military for everyone's freedom, even the freedom to be intellectually and morally corrupt.

Thankfully, I still believe in the United States Of America and what its core stands for, and I for one, will never compromise that.

Build Instructions For The DH 4.0 v4 Spectrometer

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