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by viechdokter about 1 year ago | 7 | 728 | 3

I am not sure if this word even exists in the English language but well... I browsed this forum a...

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Reflected sunlight and a spectrometer improving proposal

by viechdokter about 1 year ago | 9 | 1,062 | 4

I went into the garden today and - believe it or not - the sun was shining. Again. So instead of ...

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Direct sunlight vs. diffuse sunlight...

by viechdokter about 1 year ago | 11 | 964 | 1

Today was a nice spring day here in Germany so I played a bit with my spectrograph. One minute th...

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Ongoing design of compact cuvette frame

by warren over 1 year ago | 9 | 1,661 | 2

Continue spare-time development of a smaller, more stable and compact, multi-use cuvette frame...

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OTK Proto3

by stoft over 1 year ago | 6 | 1,670 | 7

Preface I received an early Beta OTK to assemble and test but found the mechanics of the d...

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