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sashae "Woah! That is really interesting @solaria ! Have you encountered this kind of interference before? Do you know of other documentation of Starlink s..." | Read more » about 2 hours ago
sashae "Hi @pdhixenbaugh thanks for your question. In my basic understanding, you can 'place an order' for NOAA images and datasets through their data stew..." | Read more » about 24 hours ago
sashae "Thanks @solaria ! This is really good to know. Also the image you have posted is incredible. It reminds me of this image that @zwettstein posted on..." | Read more » 1 day ago
sashae "Dear @nearsys and @zwettstein (@midmarsh and @usere6020 ) here is the result of the open-weather community nowcast on September 6th 2020. Thanks es..." | Read more » 12 days ago
sashae "Hi @nearsys and @zwettstein (@midmarsh and @usere6020 too), Thanks for your willingness to contribute to the open-weather global 'nowcast'. Here is..." | Read more » 18 days ago
sashae "Hi @nearsys and @liz I'm not able to see the image recorded by @nearsys on this thread- would be amazing to see what you got! I would be happy to r..." | Read more » 24 days ago
sashae "Awesome @nearsys ! that's great news. All you need to do is record / decode a NOAA satellite pass on 6th September and submit the images and sounds..." | Read more » 27 days ago
sashae "Hey @midmarsh @nearsys @zwettstein and @usere6020: I wonder if you would be interested in participating in a global weather 'nowcast' ? @sophied a..." | Read more » 27 days ago
sashae "Hi @liz, as far as I can tell the Sentinel-5P spacecraft carrying the TROPOMI instrument transmits on the S and X-bands to the ESA ground station i..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
sashae "Hi @nearsys sorry for the delay in replying! @liz thanks for flagging this. @nearsys your image is fantastic and it's wonderful to hear about your ..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
sashae "Hello @usere6020 - what do your results from NOAA 18 look like? Are you getting clean images from NOAA 18, or are they also noisy? From the qualit..." | Read more » about 2 months ago
sashae "Congrats @zwettstein ! Your tips for using a v-dipole are really clear and helpful. Nice sea-surface temperature photos too. Happy to have you invo..." | Read more » about 2 months ago
sashae "Thanks for the update John! You're right about the Meteor decoding software. I ended up partitioning my Mac because so much SDR software seems to b..." | Read more » 2 months ago
sashae "Hi John, thanks for the tip on QFH antennas. It's good to know one can make one without soldering. Also, do you know about the Russian Meteor fleet..." | Read more » 2 months ago
sashae "Congratulations John!! This is fantastic news. The image is great- I love when the satellites send images from over the Atlantic. Also your antenna..." | Read more » 2 months ago
sashae "Hi John! Thanks for your feedback on the guide. You're right- the link we had used for WXtoImg led to a corrupted download. We have amended the WXt..." | Read more » 2 months ago
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