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milaaraujo "Hey @tonchuks! In the description of the problem, you correctly pointed out that website needs a better user interface than it curre..." | Read more » over 4 years ago
milaaraujo "Hummm, I think we can use your idea and implement a new method to get "recent contributors for the current bounding box". We already have the meth..." | Read more » almost 5 years ago
milaaraujo "Hey @warren, I'm not sure if I understood. What do you mean with "a sort on an existing API method"? " | Read more » almost 5 years ago
milaaraujo "Hey @Bronwen, As Stéfanni explained to Liz, we are still working on the search. Many of the problems you mentioned will be solved - we hope so ;) ..." | Read more » about 5 years ago
milaaraujo "Hi, @warren! We tried to be as thorough as possible, but we may be missing something. Let us know if there is any other endpoint or feature missin..." | Read more » over 5 years ago