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jjcreedon "Thanks for this info.. some very good points and ideas. This case study relies on government agencies to take and test the soil samples (which does..." | Read more » 3 months ago
jjcreedon "remember the buckets only test for VOC's.. what is your concern? What is the source of the pollution, etc? " | Read more » 4 months ago
jjcreedon "Id also like to add, before conducting more sampling and testing, its important to reflect on the reason for your concern. Do you want to grow a ga..." | Read more » 8 months ago
jjcreedon "I think it’s great your working with a community gathering data. Ultimately, it’s up to the community to decide what they want to do w the data- I ..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
jjcreedon "Gilebert, this is great info. Thank you. btw- Toawanda Coke is not appealing . the fine monies have already been distributed. " | Read more » over 3 years ago
jjcreedon "no requirement from lawsuit, just best practices, thx " | Read more » over 3 years ago