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cfastie "Here is a strange development. This action camera has a 1MP sensor. It is a 1/4" sensor which has an area of 10 square mm. The native image size is..." | Read more » almost 7 years ago
cfastie "When someone reports about a mapping session, I am always interested to know about: Which kite? Which camera? How did you control the camera? Wha..." | Read more » about 7 years ago
cfastie "The prices at Aliexpress seemed to be the about the same as at Amazon. Some of the product descriptions at Aliexpress named the sensor. For exampl..." | Read more » about 7 years ago
cfastie "A good starting point for evaluating these sub $60 action cameras is the sensor. Many if not all of these cameras use sensors that do not have as m..." | Read more » about 7 years ago