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Hello, my name is Bee, I come from a working-class family in rural westsern Minnesota where I lived most of my life. I am non-native and know that, as a settler descendant, there is much repair to be done and land to give back to Indigenous nations. For the past year, I have been fighting Enbridge's Line 3 pipeline as a frontline water protector and as support for other water protectors and Honor the Earth. I began college at the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College and earned a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Minnesota State University in Moorhead. I was on hiatus from western science and research until I found community with folks who pair relationship and decolonization with research. I am passionate about justice- sustainable justice- I want to continue to be a part of creating a new foundation of society that holds all of nature and people in a caring way. There are many immense threats to our land, water, and people just here in Minnesota: Line 3 tar sands pipeline, police violence, a new mining project backed by Tesla... I will continue to fight but I also want to protect what we have before it comes under attack.

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