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"EDGI has been monitoring federal agency websites for changes or removal of environmental content. There is a little more about that project here, i..." | Read more » about 1 year ago
"I'm most excited about # 2 and # 3: I think engaging with community members (and allowing them to engage with us) through other platforms has a lot..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Thanks for posting, @MaggPi, this project looks really exciting! We've linked to it on some of our social media, to give it some attention, but if ..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Ooh, just spotted this paper about a DIY open source pH monitor. Let's reach out / look in to this!" | Read more » over 1 year ago
"I'm a little familiar with PH testing for aquariums (usually strips or vials) and soil for planting (vials or sensors). What's nice is that these t..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"@gretchen Gotcha... I don't think "knock on door" necessarily needs to go, but maybe a few more words could make it friendlier. Is it going to be o..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"@gretchengehrke , are there any other requirements/limitations besides the text being black? Is it limited to 2 color printing, or could another im..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Maybe something like "We're hoping you will let us test it when we visit your neighborhood" vs "knock on door"? " | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Hi @Metamer, thanks for checking in! Yes, other webcams should work (we've been using webcams that are designed for laptops because the form factor..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"How does the Cell Phone flashlight compare to the LED? Have the folks who have been using the microscope found that there are benefits to brighter ..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"I think it probably depends somewhat on what we need the cleaning agent to do: alcohol and acetone work a little differently, and acetone will like..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Hello @sukhbir, welcome to Public Lab! You've reached our site moderators: we're the ones who approve all fist-time posters. I'm Bronwen, a member ..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"I just came across a page for this 3D printable smartphone microscope from the Centre for Nanoscale Biophotonics, which seems like an interesting a..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Hi Vendy. We have a general page about spectrometry over at this would be a good place to find some general infor..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Hi shanlter, that's great! I know folks have been excited to the KnowFlow evolving. Now that the riffles have been sent out and more people are usi..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Hi programmer1200, that's an excellent question! I see you've got some content up about your project already, so the next thing you should do is st..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Also: using the tag community-kits-prep on your methods page will add a link to the Community Kits page! It's a great way to let other folks keep t..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Great question! The best thing to do is to keep adding content to your pages following the Method Template, which both of these projects are alread..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"You can also take a look at our checklist (a starting place for anyone interested in participating in the Community Kits initiative) here! " | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Maybe also: type of light source, image size/resolution, any relevant sample treatment/preparation/suspension. This might not be exactly the rubri..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Also keep in mind that the rules that apply to balloons and kites have a lot to do with the altitude you plan on flying, but there are definitely d..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Thanks for pointing out the old copy: the preorders took a while to ship, but we've got riffles in stock and will update the listing (our shipping ..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"Hi @dcanprdn you're not missing anything, our initial pre-order was so that folks could get in early to start making their own and contributing to ..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
"I think you have to aim to be in a well ventilated area for pads too: pouring acetone might not be too terrible depending on what kinds of bottles ..." | Read more » over 1 year ago


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