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New features: center on image, password protection in Knitter

by warren | July 01, 2011 11:50 01 Jul 11:50 | #366 | #366

A few new features in Knitter --

  • You can now add a password to protect your maps from public viewing (this will stop most people, but probably won't deter a determined hacker or government agency) by clicking "Edit details" in the upper right corner of any map. We'll see how this feature does but it's needed for some upcoming projects. Feedback (or code contributions!) welcome.
  • You can now view a list of all images in your map -- some people have had trouble "losing" images far off the edge, and it's just nice to be able to click on an image from your list and have the map centered on it. Try it out.
  • Enough people were confused, so now Google map tiles are on by default on any new map.

I'm making a little time to chip away at these things, so input is welcome, but probably the next couple improvements will be:

a) better zoom controls b) debugging the map export which has been clipping some images c) adding a cropping feature so you can select subsets of images you'd like to mask out. This will be a doozy, but if I manage it, adding blended edges between images should be a relatively easy next step.

As always, anyone interested in coding on this with me, just get in touch: It can't hurt to ask!


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