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Hoya UV filter profiles

by warren | May 03, 2011 16:17 03 May 16:17 | #212 | #212

Just a note for Alex and I -- some Hoya UV filters are much better than others at blocking infrared light. Ours, coincidentally, is the best -- we're using the 340, which as the above graph shows, has almost no leakage up in the infrared range.


A note on this -- Remote Sensing: Principles and Interpretation lists the cutoff of UV for glass (lenses) as 350nm. I wonder if getting a Hoya 350 instead of our 340 would let a lot more light in. Actually, looking at this graph, i think probably not -- there's still more sensitivity at 350nm using a Hoya 340 than there is using a Hoya 350.

The only advantage really is that there is a tiny amount of IR leakage in the Hoya 340 which is even less in the Hoya 350.

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