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Thatchmore farms hypr3d model

by warren | February 10, 2012 17:22 10 Feb 17:22 | #772 | #772


This is awesome. Can you tell if it used all 109 images or chose a subset?

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hard to say - in some areas you can see it chose a blurry image, so I could have gone in and chosen only non-blurry images to improve the results. and based on the # of "corners" around the edge of the image, it looks like it used a lot. I imagine it has to do the hard work just to see where an image fits, and once it's done that it's not a big deal to reproject the image onto the model, so it probably does that rather than try and figure out which ones to use.

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So cool!

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Tom from Thatchmore farm wrote back to me with some of the following details and a request:

We are planning to install a hydraulic ram pump sometime soon so it would be useful to know the elevation change between the stream at the upper (southeast) corner of the property and the adjacent ridge in the south center part of the property (up on the image at the website.) Here’s the design we are considering.

It uses falling water to pump a portion of the water to a higher elevation. All the splashing in the clip is the waste water that starts the cycle again. Our hope is to fill a reservoir and to gravity irrigate from that source. We can always find the rise by hand using a rod. so don’t spend a lot of time on it.

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