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iPhone 4 and Evo 4G phones have back-illuminated UV-sensitive cameras

by warren | November 01, 2011 13:45 01 Nov 13:45 | #533 | #533

These back-illuminated CMOS sensors would be great for UV-visible spectroscopy... just a note for future work.

Competitors followed suit, and by the end of the year most companies were offering a version in their high-end products. OmniVision has continued to push the technology down their product lines. In 2010, back-illumination came to the low-end of the market when Apple included a 5 Mpx OmniVision detector in the latest revision of the mobile phone, the iPhone 4.[4][5] Another example is the HTC EVO 4G[3] which equipped with an 8 Mpx, 1.4 µm pixel BSI sensor from OmniVision. In 2011, Sony implemented their Exmor R sensor in their flagship smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.[9]


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