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New Orleans February Water Quality Meet-up

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Join us for the next in our water quality meet-up series!

February 26th from 5:30-7:30 at Propeller (4035 Washington Ave.)

One thing we've learned in our water quality meet-ups is that water quality monitoring tools are Expensive! In this meet up we'll be working with an inexpensive DIY water quality tool, the Coqui!

The Coqui is a sensor that tells us when temperature, and conductivity change in water. We'll explore the data the Coqui produces next to water quality probes that are used in the field. Testing solutions with different temperatures and levels of conductivity, we will explore what the Coqui can tells us!

No experience required. We will have refreshments and tools. Just bring your ideas, and your thinking cap, and meet us at Propeller!

Email for questions or comments.

This event is on 02-26-2015 iCal

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