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NRDA process aerial image acquisition tech. specs.

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Technical specifications and scope of work/services for aerial image acquisition and image processing in support of the MC252 NRDA process, Fall 2010-Spring 2012


So it says this was organized in the fall of 2010 and it is in its last stage right now. The deliverables look pretty good. Have you heard what people are saying about this contract/project?

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No I haven't, Scott E. forwarded it to me, he would probably have a better idea.

So one reason i forwarded this is that I hear that some NRDA technical people were using PLOTS balloons to do get aerials. Whether those aerials where then legally admissible is not known. so y'all may have trained them.

I've also been interested in SAV in Florida, in particular, since most of it in the other Gulf States is dead. There is some SAV left in the Chandeleurs, i need to look for it in the PLOTS Chandeleurs map. So i'm very interested in guidelines for good SAV photography, and how to identify SAV from photography.

This data is under ligitation blackout, so, i will email you some contacts you can follow up with. when i get some

Thanks Scott. It is interesting to look at the document in general. Interesting about the blackout. The document talks about publishing to, a well known place to get GIS data.

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