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Public Lab community newsletter 10.26.12

by Shannon | October 26, 2012 23:55 26 Oct 23:55 | #4668 | #4668

During the next week the Public Lab staff will be holding our Fall meeting in New Orleans, followed directly by the barn raising in Cocodrie. That said, this week's newsletter is short and sweet and next Friday there won't be a newsletter. As always, please email to the list or post a research note if you have happenings and updates that you want people to be aware of.

  1. Web Survey due today. A last reminder that today is the final day to fill out the Public Lab web survey. During both the staff meeting and the barn raising, we'll be reviewing your responses which will help us to craft changes and additions to the site. Your input is greatly appreciated!

  2. Barn raising next week. We've finalized the facilities and booked all the beds, but if you're in the Gulf region and want to come for a day or two, please let me know and I'll get you all necessary information.

  3. Tidmarsh Farm Boston Public Lab meet-up. If you're in the Boston area, Public Lab folks are hosting an event similar to LEAFFEST on November 17. If you're interested in attending, please sign-up and watch for more information coming soon.

  4. EPA EJ small grant. The 2013 cycle for the EPA Environmental Justice grant was just announced. If you have a project that addresses a related issue, this is a great one to apply to.

  5. LEAFFEST movie. LEAFFEST was held in Vermont at the end of September and Chris Fastie posted a video compiled of film clips and pictures from multiple participants at the event. Enjoy!.

  6. Research notes Hello Kitty watchdog patrols the Gowanus Canal skies (posted by eymund-diegel) Self-adhesive diffraction grating caps SpectroKit for cellular (posted by Jean-Christophe DORE) R-Pi-in-Sky @ LEAFFEST (posted by donblair)

Have a great week everyone, Shannon


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