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Video: Kitemappers

by scaramel |

Filmed at the Barnraising 2012 and in Louisiana, this short documentary shows PublicLab folks at work making areal photography and making sense of it.

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Mat@8:10 - "I've determined that growing and drying my own bamboo is an expert agroforestry task that I should not undertake myself."

i am just wondering how you guys use the Canon A495 to continuously take photos whilst in the air?

or do you use the video record setting to record and then printscreen images later on?

Hi @bilco1, you can read more about it on the balloon mapping tool page, but, while the camera is in continuous shoot mode, we typically depress the button with the head of a Qtip or other found object (fish bones and rocks work well), rubberband it in place and send it up. You can also use a CHDK ( on your memory card as well.

Hi, Caterina - did you ever have a chance to upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo?

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