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Public Lab Research note

Summer of code with Public Lab

by sagarpreet | May 12, 2018 09:24 12 May 09:24 | #16332 | #16332

Hi all :)

I got selected for Google summer of code this year and this article is all about my journey .

How i found Public Lab ?

My journey begins on my 20th birthday , I had my university exams going on and i had no mood to study on that day . Luckily i had met a friend of mine the previous day who told me about this program — Google summer of code . Somehow i started reading more about GSOC and then i started looking at some Open-Source Projects and i found — Public Lab ❤ !

I forked the project PLOTS2 and started looking for some First-Timer issues .

Why made me choose Public Lab ?

The community is really welcoming to first timers . There are many quality First-Timers-Only issues which are beautifully constructed telling you everything you need to know to solve that issue . The mentors are really supportive and helpful and are full of amazing ideas .

I still remember that feeling when one of my contribution went Live on the website . One of my contribution prior to GSOC selection .


What do you get by contributing ?

1.) You get to learn !

You get to make your hands dirty on various interesting issues .

2.) Your contributions make a real impact !

All your contributions go live to production and are used by many people .

3.) Your code is reviewed by experienced developers from various parts of the world.

They tell you how you can improve your code and become a better coder .

4.) Most important of all !

You become part of this awesome community :) .

About my GSOC project :

Full Proposal : https://publiclab.org/notes/sagarpreet/02-16-2018/social-media-integration-and-part-of-interactive-project-maps

Summary :

1.) My proposal includes creating a Javascript API which will be basically a plugin of popular Leaflet library , which will show many different environment — related layers . Each layer on map having different markers .


2.) Implementing Reply by Twitter feature . This will bring more data to Public Lab site .

My Mentors :

• Stevie Lewis

• jywarren

• Bronwen Densmore

Its been an amazing journey so far and i look forward to code , learn and meet new developers this summer .

I am undergraduate student at Delhi Technological University , India .

You can connect with me on Github , Twitter :)

Happy coding !


Awesome article !!!

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Thank you :)

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