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Improve the Sharpness and Details of Your Photos

by Safidy | May 30, 2012 16:35 | 55 views | 3 comments | #2257 | 55 views | 3 comments | #2257 30 May 16:35

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Use a High Pass Filter to Improve the Detail in Your Photos.

This tutorial is for GIMP.

First of all you need to install high-pass.scm. Download high-pass.scm and put it in your scripts folder. On my computer its C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\scripts. You'll probably see a lot of other .scm files in there. To use it, just select it from the menu: Image window -> Filters -> Generic -> High Pass Filter.Then put the layer on overlay or soft light or hard light.

Download high-pass.scm HERE


Nice - these are aerial photos of a crab meadow in Long island? is there a scale reference?

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Yes it is a photo of Crab meadow in long island but unfortunately we didn't think about the scale when we took this picture because it was just a training to master the delta kite, the helium balloon and our camera and I don't really know how to give a scale so could you explain this to me.

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I was just wondering generally how big an area the photo covers, so it's not that important. But one way to do it is to put a known-sized thing in the image -- say, a car whose length can be looked up or measured, or a blanket that's 8 feet square. For this image, I wonder if we can find the spot on Google Maps, and measure the spacing of the grooves in the ground. Did you use MapKnitter to make a map?

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