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Canadian KAP flights

by patcoyle | August 05, 2013 17:00 05 Aug 17:00 | #8962 | #8962

Flew the Canon SX260HS (with built-in GPS) with Levitation 9' Delta with juice bottle rig, two-point attachment at a few locations.

For Mac users, Graphic Converter has nice geotagging information integration which was convenient for locating isolated sites where base imagery in Mapknitter was of low resolution. When choose menu option "show position in Google Earth" for geotagged image, a browser window opens with coordinates in the url, e. g.:,-108.156590+%28Image%29

One can then find the corresponding area in Mapknitter and use the two browser windows to visually reference and locate the placed image.

Goldburg gravel quarry initial image was placed this way.

It opens to "no imagery available" so have to zoom and back in and out a bit to see the image, similar for several of the ones below.

Other preliminary results are at:

Edberg Park, with the Bergen family

Separate version with more images:

New health care lodge in Rosetown SK



Craig farmyard

Also flew at Head Smashed In buffalo jump in Alberta.


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