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Photographs to Scaled 3D model using free software

by ncraig | November 25, 2011 21:16 25 Nov 21:16 | #584 | #584

This YouTube video shows the process of building a model, exporting it, cleaning it, and transforming it to the proper scale. While these procedures are illustrated at the scale of excavation, the procedures could be applied to larger objects like pits or piles. Perhaps these methods will serve useful for others needing low cost options for scaled 3D reconstructions.


I replaced the video with another version that is HD. Now it is possible to read the text. Sorry for the low quality on the first post.


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This is awesome, nathan. Thanks.

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Shows result from BAP session at Sunol AgPark and Water Temple with Stewart Long and friends. I subsequently downloaded files and followed Nathan's example.

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Pat's model for reference. It's very cool.

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Great tutorial! Just realized that does not exist anymore :( as i was about to tag this as an aerial-photography activity.

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