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by mathew | April 06, 2012 23:13 06 Apr 23:13 | #1630 | #1630

I was in Davis yesterday, talking to a great collection of folks including two balloon kit buyers, stellar PLOTS researcher Michele Tobias, Science and Technology Studies director Joe Dumit, Sarah McCullough, and Lexie, Lucien ,Braden, and Josef of the Davis Hackerspace effort.

I also got a chance to see the Keck Cave, which is totally cool.

Research Interests

We talked a bit about PLOTS and PLOTS tools, and then brainstormed about research at Davis. It seems that balloons and kites are going to find their way into some academic programs in Geology and Biology. More generally, there was a lot of interest in a shared hackerspace or electronics club accessible outside the university community. There was general interest in sensor networks, as well as in monitoring transportation patterns of pedestrians and bicycles.

other research interests were: * superfund sites for nuclear waste and pesticide residues in Davis * putta creek * cell phone & data usage tracking/mapping * food sourcing * irrigation and soil monitoring at home/community gardens * vegetation analysis * monitoring rats and invasive squirrels

Davis Resources

Bike Collective Davis Wiki Dweeb Den Sacramento Davis Hackerspace group D-Lab Science and Technology Studies Club


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